Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks

Hello Again!

Today I attended a PD session put on by the local Multi-Age Educators association by "Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks". This is a workshop on math games particularly but also some ideas about math teaching in general.

Math has been one of my focus points this year, especially since I am teaching a 5/6 combined class and the, "Okay, grade 5s, you work independently while I work with the grade 6s," just doesn't work for me. This year I tried using math groups or "guided math" to help teach my kidlets. That's a whole other post, but suffice it to say that one of the groups in my math program is games. I L.O.V.E. love games for teaching math.

So back to the session. First of all, any time you are giving me a free resource that I can actually use, I'm in. Today I walked away with this book,

 This is a whole collection of math games for grades 1-9. The great thing is that they are basically all playable with just a deck of cards or a set of dice, and the extension/differentiation possibilities are pretty open. AND, the best part--I won a prize! I won 3 of these three-in-a-die dice! Yay!

Anyways, if you want to learn more or order any of their great manipulatives or books, the website is

Happy Thursday! Time to prep for Parent Conferences tomorrow!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Currently, Randomness and Yay!

Here is my very first linky party link up! This is my "Currently" for March. If you would like to link up, go visit Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade

For anyone who doesn't know the story (sorry, Atlanta) the Winnipeg Jets have just moved back to Winnipeg after 15 years of being NHL hockey-free.  So we are a little passionate about our hockey right now. 

Winterval is our take on Festival du Voyageur, basically we are going to do some winter activities and crafts, etc. 

I had an interview on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed for me! I really wish something opens up in the future for me at my current school. It is probably my favourite place to work so far. 

PS: it is really hard to find good adjectives that start with 'M'! My family would say mental because, well, one, I teach middle years, mental is a requirement...and two, oral reports are coming up next week! 

PPS: Yay! My first follower! I actually feel like I'm talking to someone!

Have a Great Week!