Sunday, 5 February 2012

Daily 5

I know that the Daily Five is one of the big movements out there and there are lots of different blog posts and great ideas, but I wanted to share my experience with it as well. This is my first year implementing the Daily 5. I will say it straight-up, my implementation isn't exactly what the Sisters probably expect. kids love it. Like, absolutely, can-we-give-up-Math/Science/SS/RecessGym-and-do-our-Daily-5 love it. I am not as strict as I should be when it comes to shutting down our work when there is a disruption, but they do pretty well anyway. I wanted to share some pictures, but don't have any today, so it will have to wait until tomorrow when I head back to school! I'll share more Daily 5 then!

Happy Monday! Have a great week at school everyone!

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