Sunday, 3 March 2013

I (heart) Linkies!

Hello again!

Twice in one weekend? What?!? Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I spent it working at my P-T job and working on my PBDE project!

Our project is focused on Middle Years math, and helping students with what we identified as the "Top Ten" problem areas for kids (mostly in the "number" strand of math here in Manitoba). So today, I've been working on thinking and researching why basic fact knowledge, factors and multiples, place value, mental math and problem solving are so difficult for kids. It's been interesting, I'm glad that I've found this project valuable so far. Sometimes a lot of it feels like busywork in some courses.

Anyway, the main reason for me writing today is to link up with Ms. M (as an aside, I remember when I used to be a Ms. M! Now I have to settle for being Mrs. T [I'm still coming to terms with trading my awesome last name for a waaaay more popular one!]) over at Teaching is a Gift for her "Blog by Province" linky party.

It's nice when you can find Canadian bloggers to visit with sometimes! So if you are reading this, and are a Canadian blogger, go link up! 

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Since your blogger reply to address is noreply, lol, I'm letting you know here how excited I ma that you'll be joining us for the booking across CANADA.

  2. Weird! Thanks for visiting and letting me know! :)

  3. I found your blog through the Canadian blog hop :) We are the only two Manitoba bloggers!! I am in the parkland area around Dauphin. I am a student teacher but am starting my final placement on Monday and graduate in May! I am glad to find another Manitoba blogger. I know a lot of others and am encouraging them to link up too.

    Miss L
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

    1. Yay for Manitoba! Good luck on your final placement! What school are you at? I know some people up in the region. Hope everything goes well for you. I'm in & around Winnipeg, still looking for my forever job after graduating 6 years ago... one day :)

  4. From one Ms. M (I kept my maiden name) to another...thanks for linking up with the Blog by Province Blog Hop! Your button looks awesome on the sidebar:) I will keep my fingers crossed for you in finding your forever's really tough out there right now...same thing happening here in Ontario. Have a fantastic weekend.

  5. Hey There,
    Found you through Teaching is a gift! I'm a Canadian blogger from Ontario! I'm glad I found your site!

    Doodling Around in 6th Grade

  6. Yay Manitoba!!! I am another manitoba Blogger!! Found you through the linky :)

    The Reading Corner

  7. I'm another Manitoba blogger! It's so nice to find others out there! I'm a new follower.

    Kaleigh's Klassroom

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