Saturday, 1 June 2013

Booking Across Canada

Hey Everyone,

This week I'm linking up with Mrs. D at Reading with Mrs. D for her "Booking Across Canada" linky party. One of the books from Manitoba that I thought of showcasing was  "Ruby's Hope" by Hannah Taylor.

However, there are already so many great resources to go with this book associated with the Ladybug Foundation that I didn't think there was much I could add.

So instead, I chose another Canadian book, "If You're Not from the Prairie..." by David Bouchard.

Although the author is writing about his experience growing up in Saskatchewan, it resonates for those across Manitoba as well. Plus, the illustrations by Henry Ripplinger are fantastic.

What I put together for this book is a poetry frame for students to fill out using the form that Bouchard uses in the book. Students can choose their community or a place that is special to them to create the poem.

It's available here:

"If You're Not from the Prairie" Writing Form

Hope that it is useful for you! You can also get students to illustrate their poems using Ripplinger's images as a guide.

Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you for the new book to check out. I am so excited about all the books and accompanying resources that are being shared about our great country. My aunt and cousins live in Winnipeg. I hope to get out there someday.
    Congratulations on you new job. You will love it.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury